Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning


Here at Premier we understand that this is a very difficult and traumatic time. This is where we come in, whether it’s a full biohazard clean or a removal of items that may be contaminated.

Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning

Here at Premier Crime Scene Cleaner we know that crime scenes can cause a lot of trauma and stress. This is where we can help and remove the worries from your mind, whether it’s a total biohazard clean or a removal of items which may be contaminated. We understand that you may not wish to return to the premises until it is clean. We understand that you may not wish to return to the premises until it is clean. We can easily set-up access to the property through your friend or colleague allowing us to undertake our job with as little hassle to you as possible.

The technicians on site are fully-trained by the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners, the the key training academy in the UK. Therefore there is no better company for you to choose to give you peace of mind that the job will be completed efficiently.

We have built a considerable level of knowledge in the field and have undertaken numerous training courses to keep up-to-date with current and new techniques. Our vast networks ensure that we are always well qualified to deal with any situation. We’ve also got the equipment to deal securely with blood borne pathogens and any other viral infections utilising the sanitising methods that are required to leave the area clear from any recognised biohazard.

Not only will we remove all the obvious areas of contamination, we have a team ready to come in and give the property a full deep clean, making the transition back a little less painful. In some extreme cases there may need to be new floorboards and gyp rock walls installed. However, do not worry, we also have a large network of fully qualified tradesmen who can return the property to it’s former self.

  • Crime & Accidents
  • Suicides
  • Murder
  • Decompositions
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Police & Prison Cells

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