Needle Disposal Glasgow


At Premier Needle Disposal Glasgow we offer safe and professional needles sweeps throughout properties and environments that are outside. Not only can we collect and dispose of needles, we collect sharps including any other type of bio-hazard objects and drug paraphernalia, scalpels and razor blades that individuals may encounter.

Needle Disposal glasgow

Why Use Us? – Needle Disposal glasgow

A lot of people will try to pick up needles and just throw them away. Not only are you endangering yourself but also after it has been disposed of by you, the bad individual that will be collecting it. All sharps saved and must be collected in a safe box. A single prick from a discarded needle can lead to infections including HIV, Hep B plus any kind of blood born pathogens.

On average it’s thought that around 30% of Hepatitis B virus infections are caused by discarded syringes.

Be mindful that not all needles will be visible to the naked-eye. Users will have their secret hiding places. In some instances they will leave traps which they’ll deliberately abandon in place to cause harm. There is every chance there’ll be more nearby should you come across a needle disposal glasgow.

Our solutions are suitable for housing associations, letting agents, landlords, police and prison services.

We’re fully trained fromsecure ways of disposing and the Nation Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners in the the techniques of collection that is sharp and we’ve the waste removing licences that are correct.

Syringe Disposal glasgow

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