What do you cover?


Who makes the arrangements for the clean?

Unfortunately it will be a family member who has to make the call. Most people think that the police or your undertaker will take care of this. We fully understand that at this point you may not wish to go back into the property so we can arrange the exchange of keys with a friend or a neighbour. In some cases we may need to go though your solicitor if it was a next of kin or if the property is not registered with yourself.

What training have you had?

We have received training from the National Academy Of Crime Scene Cleaners. It is an accredited qualification and ongoing support. We have also received training from Killgerm UK.

What is a bloodborne pathogens?

Bloodborne pathogens are micro-organisms such as viruses or bacteria that are carried in blood and can cause disease, most commonly HIV and HEPATITIS B. Please note Hep B can stay alive for up to 8 weeks There is NO cure or specific treatment.

Why use a professional?

We have been trained in this field and we have all the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) along with approved working methods. The dangers are not just what you can see but what you can’t see. In a crime/biohazard situation there is a duty of care, not just for you and your family but the people who will have to dispose of the items.

There are laws and licence acts about removing bio waste and where it goes. Bio waste must be incinerated and can’t just be bagged up and put in a wheelie bin. We have the correct licences and have teams to dispose of this for you. You will be provided with proof of disposal. The disinfect we use kills 99.999999 percent of micro bacteria as well has HIV, HEP B, TB, NORO VIRUS, MRSA, ECOLI, ETC. Our disinfectant is 1000 times stronger that your average household cleaner.

What is Hoarding?

Hoarding is a mental problem and hoarders will find it very hard to let go of there stuff. “One person’s rubbish is another’s treasure”. The problem with this can be that many hoarders won’t even throw out rubbish. This is where the filth comes in, followed by rodents, insects, foul smells, mould and extreme dust. Generally the hoarder will become very ill while living in these conditions. This is usually when a relative will find out their secret. Research shows that hoarding is on the rise and currently 2-5 % of UK residents are hoarders… that’s a potential 1.2m people in the UK.

How much do you cost?

Each case is different and we will give you an estimate once we have seen the property/job. In some cases there are parts of the job we can’t see or even get access to. We will advise you about these and if more work is required we will let you know straight away and agree a new costing before carrying out the work. We are very fair and we understand this is a traumatic time for you. We are here to help.

What is a needle sweep?

If you have had tennants that have used drugs and needles then we will look in all the known places that you would not even think about. We check each room then re-check using the same method for each room, making the property safe to rent out. Always be aware of booby traps as disgruntled tennants may leave sharps in places to cause you harm. If you find a needle call us straight away and don’t pick it up. There are methods and correct dispose procedures that we follow to ensure safe disposal.

What do you cover?

We cover all types of biohazard cleaning and more. For a full list please visit

Some of the situations we cover are:

  • Suicide
  • Attempted Suicide
  • Murder
  • Decompositions
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Police & Prison Cells

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