The Case

We were called to a job where there had been a death followed by a house fire. The fire was contained to the living room but unfortunately the house was in poor condition and had been attracting rodents. The property had been left empty for a period of time causing insect infestation.

The Job sheet

  • Full clean of property removing contaminated objects.
  • Treat smoke damage.
  • Sanitise effected areas.
  • Removal of insects and rodents.
  • Possible removal of floor boards then replace.
  • Deodorisation of property.

The Technical Part

  • The relevant method statements and risk assessments are written.
  • Our team are given a full briefing and are made aware of all dangers.
  • Our team are checked for correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • All contaminated objects are sanitised, bagged up and disposed of in compliance with the correct waste regulations.
  • The floor boards in the contaminated area have to removed. The area below shows no signs of contamination but is sanitised as a precaution. New boards are installed.
  • We now start work on the infestations using a UVL fogger and relevant traps, sealing the building while the products work.
  • Next we clean up infestation and sanitise effected areas.
  • Now we carry out full deep clean also working on smoke damage.
  • Using a thermal fogger we now deodorise the property.
  • Customer Comments

    “The job was carried out to a very high standard. Thank you for a very quick turnaround.”

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