Repair & Rebulid

Repair & Rebuild


The Case 

We where contacted by a local solicitor to attend a property.  Unfortunately one of there clients had passed away while in there home.  The property needs to be made ready for resale.

Job Description

  •  Replace contaminated flooring
  • Sanitise contaminated area
  • Deodorise property
  • Clear property of all items
  • Re Decorate
  • Deep clean


The Technical Part

  • The relevant method statements and risk assessments are written.
  • Our team are given a full briefing and are made aware of all dangers.
  • Our team are checked for correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • The floor boards in the contaminated area have to be removed. The area below shows no signs of contamination but is sanitised as a precaution. New boards are installed.
  • All items are cleared and disposed of .  Waste transfer documents are available
  • Re decorate property ceilings white . All walls Antique white
  • Now we carry out full deep clean
  • Using a thermal fogger we now deodorise the property.



In some case it may be necessary to remove floor boards or sub floors to check for contaminated surfaces.





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