Hoarding Case 2

The Case

We received a call about a couple who were struggling with health issues and had fallen behind with house work and general upkeep. With things starting to get on top of them it was becoming an uphill struggle and their health was deteriorating so they gave us a call.

When we got to the job we could see the issues they where having. Unfortunately one of the couple’s health had deteriorated and they were currently in hospital. We explained what we could do and how we could help, working with the customer and going at a pace that was comfortable and not increasing stress levels that were already quite high.

The Job sheet

  • Remove all contaminated items and dispose safely.
  • Work through each room remove and dispose of all items agreed with the client.
  • Deodorise and sanitise the property.
  • Deep clean.
  • Advice given to remove carpet.

The Technical Part

  • The relevant method statements and risk assessments are written.
  • All the team are given a full briefing and are made aware of all dangers.
  • All the team are checked for correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • All contaminated objects are sanitised and bagged up for disposal, complying with the correct waste regulations.
  • On this occasion not all items were contaminated but were going to get in the way. We used clear bags to keep any items that were not in a draw or wardrobe. This way the customer could look at the clear bagged items and put them away at their convenience.
  • All rubbish and unwanted items were put into black bags for disposal.
  • The deep clean involved moving all furniture and cleaning everywhere.
  • The customer wanted to keep the carpets so we sanitised and carpet cleaned them.
  • Using a UVL fogger we sanitised and deodorised the property.

Customer Comments

“I really cant thank you enough, the difference is amazing. You have really helped us, thank you.”


We offered an after care service where if they start to feel that things are getting away from them they can give us a call. We can come back in for a few hours every time they need our help before things get out of control. We’re pleased to say the partner was realised from hospital and came home to a new start. They had not previously had many visitors but a day after we finished the family were invited round for a cuppa! Really nice couple hope and we hope we don’t have to see them again, for all the right reasons but if we do we will be ready and waiting.

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