Hoarders House Clearence

The Case

We received a call that a gentleman had passed away in his house the police had to break the door down to gain access.  When they got in they found that the gentelman was a hoarder.  Unfortunately there was no family so we were asked to decontaminate and sanitise the house then clear and deodorise. (not all pictures are show out of respect ).

The Job sheet

  • Bedroom and bathroom require Biohazard cleans
  • Remove all contaminated items and dispose safely
  • Sanitise all areas of the house before starting
  • Work through each room remove and dispose of all items agreed with the solicitor
  • Keep any legal documents or unopened mail in clear bags.
  • Remove all items from each room and dispose of correctly
  • Deep clean.
  • Deodorise and sanitise the property.
  • Advice given to remove carpet.

The Technical Part

  • The relevant method statements and risk assessments are written.
  • All the team are given a full briefing and are made aware of all dangers.
  • All the team are checked for correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • All contaminated objects are sanitised and bagged up for disposal, complying with the correct waste regulations.
  • The toilet floor was stripped back 3 layers to concrete floor the boxed in sisten had to be remove to fully sanitise the area.
  • All rubbish and unwanted items were put into black bags for disposal.
  • The deep clean involved a full house clean
  • Using a UVL fogger we sanitised and deodorised the property.


Its easy to judge when looking at the case file.  There is usually a trigger point that makes people like this. The gentleman in question had been though a divorce lost his mother and it all got to much for him.  Some of us may be a little bit stronger but we all have a breaking point.  If you have not seen a relative for a long time or a friend who may have found themselves on hard times ? give them a call and say hello .  Maybe you could be the one to make a difference ?



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