Ozone Generator

We have added an Ozone generator to our equipment in order to ensure that we can efficiently sanitize and remove long lasting odours found in many houses. The machine generates a very safe and reactive chemical compound known as Ozone (O3) – the same chemical found in the upper atmosphere that protects us from harmful UV radiation.


Ozone treatment has been scientifically proven to eradicate many types of bacteria from the home – including those resistant to antibiotics (such as MRSA)1.Industrially ozone is used to disinfect laundry in hospitals, food factories and care homes. It can deodorize air and objects, such as after a fire. Our use of this technology would allow us to remove even the strongest and most persistent odours from a household. The reactive O3 molecules work by attacking the odours present in the air which causes a breakdown of O3 into O2 (the oxygen we breathe).


This technology will allow us to ensure a thorough sanitization and deodorization of any rooms or houses that require it.

1) de Boer, Hero E. L.; van Elzelingen-Dekker, Carla M.; van Rheenen-Verberg, Cora M. F.; Spanjaard, Lodewijk (October 2006) Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology27 (10): 1120–1122

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