From Start To Finish We’ve Got It Covered !!!!

From Start To Finish We’ve Got It Covered !!!!

A job we have just finished…

Unfortunately a gentleman passed away while at home. The family live some distance away and were left to deal with the aftermath.

Obviously with the family not being local they did not know any local trades.

This is where we can help ! we can provide all the support that you would need.

Joiner to remove and replace floor boards ✅

Painters and decorators to freshen up for sale Of the property. ✅

Specialist cleaners to sanitise & Deodorise ✅

Removal team with waste licence ✅

Deep cleaning team for final clean ✅

The family made a great effort to move as much as they could . This also gave them time to sort through the property to keep any sentimental items.

As you will see in the pictures we can manage the project from start to finish . This will hopefully take the stress off you, in what already is a difficult time for you and your family.

If you need help or advice please get in touch.

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