Landlords Beware

Landlords Beware

Landlords Beware

This is a recent job that we went out to .  On first glance it just looked like one or two needles which is a danger to you .  When we looked  a little closer we found a couple of SEALED bags, which most probably would have been picked up by hand and every chance would of caused a puncher wound.  Hepatitas B can stay alive out side the body for up to 8 weeks.  We have been trained and receive ongoing training on the correct procedures and disposals of sharps.

Don’t take a chance one JAG could change your life and most probley not for the best!!!!

By Law all contaminated needles must be disposed of by insinaration in the correct procurers .  You are not permitted to just throw them in the rubbish you are just endangering the next person.

Not only are we a member of the NACSC we have a full and valid waste licence.  We are able to give you waste transfer notes so you will know exactly where the items have been disposed .

Once all the hazards have been removed we can fully saintise your property ready for your next tenant if you require a deep clean we are happy to help .

Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance or guidance.




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