Mattress Clean Time

Mattress Clean Time

November & December Special Offer

Its that time of year again for your mattress clean. We spend on average up to one third of our lives in our beds ! On average we can lose up to half a pint of body fluids per night. On average we change our mattress every 8 years so on average that would equal about 2 full baths of body fluids.

What else are we sharing our bed with ?

Dust mites are invisible to the human eye up to a 1000 of them could be placed on the head of a pin. They live and feed on dead human skin cells which comprise of up to 80% of the house hold dust. On average 40,000 skin cells die per minute, so there’s a lot for them to feed on. They also feed on fungi and bacteria and also live off vapors which we provide for them by perspiration and respiration.

Our Prices

Single Bed Clean & Deodorise £ 30
Double Bed Clean & Deodorise £45
King Size Clean & Deodorise £65

We can also offer a sanitising service for your mattress please ask for details.


* Change bed sheets weekly
* Spin your mattress in the spring
* Flip your mattress in the fall
* Regular hoover your mattress (use a separate attachment)
* Keep your pets off your bed this stops the spread of zoonoses

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