Specialist House Clearance

Specialist House Clearance

This is one of our more upsetting house clearances. Unfortunately there was a bereavement in a family which left an elderly couple no option but to call in a specialist cleaning company. Some of the photos are upsetting but the family have let us post them. If you know someone or you can relate to these photos please call us or another specialist company. We can help you regain your home a place of peace and happiness and once again you can have friends and family around you. Don’t worry about being judged we have most probably seen a lot worse.

Here is how we approached the property

Clearance of all items bagging up and separating items of importance. We use 429 Plus for sanitising as we go this has a log kill of 99.999999. Bleach is only 99.9.

Once the property was empty we used a UVL Fogger. This will put thousands of particles and droplets into the property so we can sanitise from floor to ceiling and get into the smallest openings.

Deep clean starting from ceilings and finishing on floors
. We the used the UVL Fogger but this time using an air neutraliser to trap all the bad smells and brake down the proteins to bring a freshness back to the property.
Final clean going over the property making sure everywhere was clean.
To finish we then used a Thermo Fogger this was to deodorise the property. This is when the liquid is heated though an element turning it into a fog that will soak into all porus surfaces and will kill off any stubborn odours.
As you will see in the pictures the correct products and equipment is essential to these jobs. Most of all are the welfare of the team, each member of the team has the correct P.P.E and sanitising procedures.

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